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Managing contracts – SERVICES/PROJECT/ISSUES :
> Manage my customer contracts
> Optimize and analyze my time management
> Manage, analyse & trace my issues
> Create customized dashboards
> Perform project management
> Trace my invoices
> Manage my helpdesk
and much more …

What’s in it for YOU ?
A. The OpenERP Entreprise Contract (1 year) covering
  Unlimited bugfix
  Security alerts
B. The “Get on Board” Hands-on Training (3 days)
C. On-site consulting (minimal 2 days)
  Focus on 1 dedicated Module
  DB Configuration according to your needs
  Q&A Session with 1 OpenERP Expert

How do we work?
1. Together, we qualify your main business needs and retain a key area
2. We prepare a tailored demonstration with your own data
3. We organize a session of 2 hours together with a functional consultant
4. We train you on a dedicated module (Services)
5. We deploy your instance with a functional consultant
Qualification (1), Demo configuration (2) & live demonstration (3)
are free of charge!

Don’t hesitate to contact us

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